Sapiency Token Sale 2021 — Announcement

Sapiency is a platform where anyone can create their own social currency. Creators can grow their tokenized communities and build the value of their tokens through sharing their premium content. It’s a combination of Instagram, OnlyFans and NASDAQ — share your best content, limit its access with a token that can be traded on the market.

Sapiency tokenomics:

Sapiency token $SPCY is a fuel of the social currency economy for all users of Sapiency app. It has three main pillars:

  1. Universal Social Currency
  2. Liquidity
  3. Utility

Universal Social Currency:

Creators at Sapiency can limit access to their content through a mechanism called a Token Threshold. It’s an amount of tokens of the creator required to access the premium content. Each post of the creator can have a different threshold, this way creators can build a demand for their tokens. SPCY token acts as a universal social currency that can also meet the threshold — which means that if you need 1000 XYZ tokens to access the photo, you can also meet the Threshold when you have 1000 SPCY tokens on your wallet.


Sapiency aims to allow anyone to create a social currency that is backed with value and liquid from day 1. Value is the community of holders and a unique content of the creator, that can be accessed only by the token holders.

For each verified creator Sapiency will open a small liquidity pool for his tokens on SapiencySwap. This pool will include 1% of creator tokens and 21 SPCY tokens. This way, all tokens on the platform will be plugged to the liquidity of all tokens on the platform.

This is why we have reserved a pool of 51% of all SPCY tokens. With each verified creator new 21 SPCY tokens will be locked in the liquidity pool with his tokens. To boost their liquidity price the token on the market, verified creators will be able to perform a Liquidity Crowdsale. Money raised from the Liquidity Crowdsale will be used to back SPCY from the market and locked in their liquidity pool.


Sapiency is an app that has a lot of possibilities that can help creators grow their audience. SPCY token will allow them to access additional features. Most of them will be available for creators that will stake their tokens in the Sapiency PoS system. Those features include:

  • no limits for tokens airdrops
  • refreshing a post to increase its reach
  • sending a push notification to their holders
  • unlocking the group chat
  • token vesting
  • and many others

Sapiency token sale details:

Token sale will take place on Kanga.Exchange on 14th of December. There will be 10 mln SPCY tokens available for sale.

Price per token: $0,15

Tokens for sale: 10.000.000 SPCY

Hardcap: $1.500.000

Min. Investment: 100 USDT

Max. Investment: 3000 USDT

Vesting: 30% at the start, rest released during 70 days

Kanga IEO date: 14th of December 2021,10:00 UTC

Asks orders open: 16th of December 2021, 10:00 UTC

Bids orders open: 17th of December 2021, 10:00 UTC

Token Network: ETH (Bridge to Polygon available on Kanga)

Sapiecy IEO — token sale on Kanga: Kanga Exchange

Token contract:

To find out more about Sapiency follow the links below:

Sapiency token page:

White Paper ENG:







Human potential exchange — a combination of Patreon, OnlyFans and NASDAQ. Polygon-based launchpad for personal brands.

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Human potential exchange — a combination of Patreon, OnlyFans and NASDAQ. Polygon-based launchpad for personal brands.

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