Sapiency December update — check out what’s new!

2 min readDec 27, 2021

This is the second Sapiency update this month. Before giving you new features, we decided to refine and extend the existing ones. Check out what’s new in the latest version of the app!

  1. Reactions & replying to comments

Finally! In the latest Sapiency update, you can now reply to other users’ comments under their comments. Reactions to comments are also available. You won’t miss a reply to a comment, as you’ll be notified in notifications that someone has replied to you!

You can choose basic reactions or use other emoticons

2. Push notifications lead to the target posts

Push notifications sent by the app will lead you to the correct post — if you click on them you will be automatically transferred!

You will receive a push notification when someone replies to your comment, tags you or gets tokens from your Airdrop

3. Tagging other users in the posts & comments

The long-anticipated feature, which is mentions is here :) You can, by using ‘@’ and entering a username, tag a selected user in a post or comment. They will then receive a notification about it! You can tag users in comments, posts, polls and airdrops. We hope it will make the app more social and engaging.

Other user can be tagged in a post, in a comment and be an option in a poll!

4. New uploading flow

From now on, when you add an audio or video file, you can see the upload status on the bar in %. Our previous uploading flow did not show the progress and wasn’t user-friendly. We hope that upgrade will incentivize creators to upload more video content to Sapiency.

The progress of file transfer is shown as x%

We hope you enjoy the new features! For the upcoming weeks, we are preparing for you exciting functionalities — the possibility to trade personal tokens in the application and NFT! There will be a lot going on. Stay tuned!

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