Sapiency App Update — list of cool new features!

3 min readOct 27, 2021

Our application is in the process of dynamic development! Many changes have taken place and many more are to come. Here is a shortlist of major upgrades and new features.

The latest Sapiency App update includes:

  1. Two kinds of feeds: Home and Discovery.

Today we are introducing a long-awaited personalized feed.

On the Home feed you will see only posts of people you hold/follow (if you have someone's tokens, you are his follower). You will see his free posts and posts with a token threshold. Having a feed just for your own tokens will change the dynamics of the app and build a new way of creating a community of hodlers.

On the Discovery feed you will be able to scroll through all the airdrops, and crowdsales happening on the platform. We hope that this will increase the amount of high-quality content and make posting relinks useless.

“Discovery” has a flame symbol

This is a new dedicated space for posts, airdrops and crowdsales of creators whose tokens we don’t have yet. If you want to discover new influencers, check out their latest content — go to “Discovery”! Only posts by people whose tokens we have will remain on the homepage in the app. This solution will help keep things tidy and ensure that posts with content don’t get lost in the clutter of token giveaways.

2. AirDrop any tokens!

Click on the token symbol and select the one you want

From now on, it’s possible to create an airdrop with tokens other than our own. If you have a number of tokens of another creator and want to give them away, you do exactly the same as before, remembering to select the token of another creator in the “Token poll” field. It’s that simple!

We are excited about this feature because it builds a new social layer on top of tokens. Remember that you can set a Token Threshold for an Airdrop!

These are a few interesting cases for external airdrops, that can build a demand for your token:

  • You can airdrop tokens of your project (or the project you collaborate with) to holders of at least 100 of your tokens.
  • Let’s say your friend have created a token. You can airdrop his tokens to your community and help him kickstart his own economy.
  • You can make a lottery for your community to get rid of tokens you don’t need :)

3. Private AirDrops

Posts can now be public, for link holders or only available to us

You have a group of very committed followers and you would like to surprise them with an airdrop dedicated only to them and not to all Sapiency users. From now on you can select the “Unlisted” option at the top of the airdrop creation flow. You publish the post and share the link with people you want to participate in the giveaway, for example on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Discord.

All kinds of posts can have different privacy settings from this update.

We’re excited about the development of Sapiency and can’t wait to bring you other features soon that will make using the app even more enjoyable.

There are also many small improvements, you guys have been asking for, we hope you will like it :)

We are working on the in-app exchange where everyone will be able to trade their tokens for other tokens or cryptos. Stay tuned, and follow us:

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