Sapiency App MVP Release!

2 min readMay 11, 2021


We are happy to announce that Sapiency App MVP is here, let’s tokenize the world.

Attention Economy matters more and more every day. We know that what we like, look at and pay attention to has meaning and value. In the world of progressive digitization and information flood, markets operate accordingly to their own rules, where centralized money rules everything.

Achieving success and unlocking our potential both depend on what we pay attention to. At Sapiency, we believe that attention is the new currency. However, the problem is how to price it and how to turn attention into asset value. In our opinion, personal tokens are the answer to this problem. We strive to ensure that every person has the right to participate in the economy on their own terms, using their own language — personal currency.

Blockchain technology flowered onto the stage ready for mass adoption. We can see it, for example, in the market of assets or works of art. Sapiency intends to introduce it into a social context where each of us has value and will be able to easily monetize it.

At the current stage, the Sapiency application allows personal brands to release their token after verification — based on the second transactional layer of the Ethereum network, i.e. Polygon. This allows for cheap and fast transactions and the use of the latest DeFi protocols, such as SushiSwap for valuation and trading on the secondary market.

Personal brands will be able to sell their tokens to a wide audience using easy mobile payments, lowering entry attempts for each member of their community.

The intuitive token storage wallet is designed to be part of the social networking experience.

With subsequent updates, Sapiency will introduce new forms of interaction and ways for community building such as groups, forums, livestreams, etc.

As part of the app launch, Rahim Blak is the first to appear on the platform with his RahimCoin token, the holders of which will receive 3 dividends (of 7.5%) on May 20 this year.

Personal brands, influencers, artists, actors, coaches, gamers or social activists interested in cooperation can apply both through the website and in the mobile application. Download our app here to invest in human potential.




Human potential exchange — a combination of Patreon, OnlyFans and NASDAQ. Polygon-based launchpad for personal brands.