Personal Currency and Female Energy— The Story of Aleksandra Wojciechowicz and QueenCoin Tokens.

Whilst expecting the start of the crowdsale on Sapiency app, our star, Aleksandra, shared with her audience: “I feel my life is finally reaching its best, let’s experience something new — meet QueenCoin” — personal token of Aleksandra Wojciechowicz.

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Launch Yourself #3 Aleksandra Wojciechowicz. QueenCoin tokens.
Launch Yourself #3 Aleksandra Wojciechowicz. QueenCoin tokens.

So… who is Aleksandra Wojciechowicz?

Aleksandra’s story is abundant in various experience, therefore it can’t be summarised in just one sentence.

She graduated from the university in Zielona Góra (Poland) with a master’s degree in socio-cultural animation. As an artist, photographer and university teacher, she conducted classes with students, practising techniques of analog photography and image staging. Recognising her vocation to consecrated life, she entered the Order of the Discalced Carmelite Sisters, where she served God for almost 8 years. Having not taken her perpetual vows, she returned to the world. She lived as a volunteer among the poor, in a newly created home for the homeless, and then began a several-year backpacking journey as a street artist. She visited many cities and countries. Mentally and financially enriched, she graduated from the Animas Center of Coaching in Berlin, in the city where she has lived until now. She works in the industry of personal development, to which she steadfastly introduces the most durable foundation, which is spirituality. She introduces herself as a transformational coach. Recently, the author of the book “Queen as Female Identity”.

Why Personal Tokenization?

Today, Aleksandra is creating her own currency of trust. QueenCoin personal token as a currency of value exchange and a bridge for working together to build a better world. She believes that in the era of today’s technology, everyone can have their own personal currency, thanks to which people are able to build our own economy based on integrity, individuality and the truth about people.

QueenCoin Personal Token. Aleksandra Wojciechowicz.
QueenCoin Personal Token. Aleksandra Wojciechowicz.

You can create a hell on earth, as history has shown us over and over again. But my calling is to make heaven on earth as a sign that it really exists.

At the age of 21, I discovered the existence of God who brought me out of my inner hell and overcame my fear of death. Then I publicly exclaimed that it was as if someone had given me $ 2 million because I stopped being afraid of the future, and what’s more, I became its creator and therefore, I invite you to this future. I know that the entire material world is a mirror image of our spirituality.

I issue 21 million personal tokens with a total value of $ 2 million, which I would like to build together. For this I need your faith and trust. I would also like to create my own economy, thanks to the latest technology, I strongly believe, it is for everyone. Just like our unique fingerprints, everyone can have their own personal token, which will allow them to follow their own individual path. Only then life has meaning and value for mankind.

What’s the QUEENCOIN value?

Join the community supporting the release of Aleksandra’s second book, which describes her mystical journey of discovering God but also documents His miracles. The book will also be an intimate description of the fight against demons and how God turns evil into good. The title of the book is likely to be “The History of the 21st Century Soul”.

Get a special price to buy the first book of Aleksandra, called: “The Queen as a Female Identity”. Aleksandra explains the power of female energy and describes how woman can discover herself with a new identity “Queen”.

Redeem QUEENCOIN tokens for special service, like:
*professional coaching session,
*mentoring in spiritual development,
*consultation on female identity, transformational energy and process.

Only #QUEENCOIN hodlers have access to Aleksandra’s exclusive content in Sapiency App.

Every 1$ you spend on QUEENCOIN will get back to you in an equal number of SPCY tokens.

How can I get the tokens?

Download the application through Play Store or App Store and contribute to Aleksandra’s crowdsale, which ends on 23rd of August.

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