Music Industry 2.0. — The Story of Pan Winyl and WINYL Tokens.

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The date Pan Winyl, Tomasz Olszewski, will definitely remember. The date for musicians, investors and all tokens enthusiasts to get Pan Winyl’s personal token called WINYL and all that available on Sapiency App.

Launch Yourself #2 Pan Winyl. WINYL tokens.

What a personal token is, all the enthusiasts surely know, but let us mention it again. This is a creation, a form of currency that lives on the internet. Just like Bitcoin, they can be transferred, divided or spent. Personal tokens are a new way of communicating value in communities. As tokens bear value, they create incentive mechanisms in the communities, making them more engaged and allowing members to participate in the creators’ success.

So, what’s the story behind Pan Winyl’s tokenization?

It started with the release of the NFT by Kings Of Leon, which included vinyl. The subject got me triggered, and I understood that NFT could be the beginning of a new era on the collector’s market. In this combination of virtual NFT with physical vinyl, I noticed not only a huge collector’s potential, but also, for the first time in history, the share of artists in the profits resulting from the sale of their works on the secondary market.

Therefore, using the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Pan Winyl, I decided to release a vinyl and NFT. Over the last decade, I have had the opportunity to work with amazing artists, whom I would also like to honour and commemorate. Polish music is doing very well, vinyls are doing very well. Throughout this digitized world, they are a wonderful link with reality.

The 12-inch album, embossed on a colorful, 180-gram vinyl, will contain 10 songs. Each one from a different artist that I have worked, work with, or will work with. I have a few ideas whilst creating this album. First, I’d like to combine the old with the new. Second, I’d like to promote Polish, independent and wonderful artists. And finally, I’d like to open a completely new chapter in the Polish (and maybe even global) music industry.

What’s the WINYL value?

Get a promotional offer for a unique 10th Anniversary vinyl release (op. with NFT code): 1 LP, 180 grams, with inner sleeve and liner notes, featuring 10 independent artists that Pan Winyl has worked with over the last decade.
This unique release is the beginning of a publishing series that will continue with more volumes from the crypto-label, which specializes in tokenizing artists and music.

Redeem WINYL tokens for special service, like:
*virtual manager — hourly support,
*music promotion in (social) media — radio plug-in, PR, Pan Winyl’s Blog,
*strategic consulting on personal brand development in music industry,
*Pan Winyl Label — publish your own vinyl record.

Only #WINYL hodlers have access to Pan Winyl’s and his artists’ exclusive music and content in dedicated channels in Sapiency App. Buy one token, enjoy many paths!

Get a special price to buy the long-awaited book called “Vinyl Tales”.
This is a book that tells the story of the first vinyl in the phonographic market and the people who created it. From the very beginning of the 18th century to the present day, for beginners and experts!

Every 1$ you spend on WINYL will get back to you in an equal number of SPCY tokens.

Each artist who creates an account in Sapiency App until the end of the crowdsale and confirms it by sending an e-mail ( will receive 10 WINYLs.

Anyone with at least 1000 WINYL tokens will receive token airdrops from artists coming to Sapiency under Pan Winyl’s Label.

And finally, who is Pan Winyl?

Tomasz “Pan Vinyl” Olszewski — for the last decade he has been operating on the Polish music market in a very wide range. From creating online music stores, through journalism and also music journalism, running a music blog, to the independent music and art conglomerate Be Your Own Label. He has cooperated with dozens of teams from all over Poland and abroad in the field of management, PR, physical and digital publishing, career development consulting.

He wrote the book called “Opowieści Winylowe [Vinyl Tales] and is a panellist in the educational program for musicians and managers called “Tak Brzmi Miasto Inkubator [This Is How the City Sounds Incubator]”. He specializes in the latest technologies on the music market.

A lover of vinyl records, he thinks that vinyl is the most beautiful body for the soul of music. He is an expert on the music market, which he has been following for many years. He believes that the phonographic market does not serve artists, created by inventors, engineers and businessmen, has omitted the artist as the subject. Pan Winyl strongly believes that modern technologies, including tokenization, have a chance to turn the table upside down. Unleash artists to their true creative potential and allow them to monetize their own creativity that they can share directly with their fans.

He loves to travel with Pani [Mrs.] Winyl around the world. He promotes the analogue lifestyle! He loves cooking and baking sourdough bread!

Tomasz “Pan Winyl” Olszewski.

You have the last chance to get his WINYL tokens during the promotional crowdsale on Sapiency App.

Download the application through Play Store or App Store and contribute to Pan Winyl’s offer.

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