How social tokens help people in Afghanistan

2 min readSep 10, 2021


After the fall of the Afghani government, the situation on the site is disastrous. Banks are closed, tons of people are displaced, basic utilities are failing and you can get looted on the street — there are no rules. One of the major problems is the lack of cash — even if you have some in a bank, you can’t access it. But some people see it as an opportunity for change.

Farhan Hotak

Farhan Hotak is an Afghani influencer, who after helping his family reach a border, decided to stay in the country and show the world what is really going on inside this mess. Farhan is a cryptocurrency enthusiast that is educating the people of Afghanistan about Bitcoin. Building on his experiences he decided to issue his own personal token on the Blockchain and use it to grow the adoption of crypto.

Social tokens are a newly emerging type of currencies that are driving communities and help aggregate the value that was not spendable before. Crypto tokens are a powerful incentive tools that can help organize and coordinate communities. Farhan has created his token using the new social media app call Sapiency, where influencers tokenize themselves and creating communities revolving around tokens. Influencers post unique content on the app and only people with enough of their tokens can access it. Such a mechanism creates a demand for a token each time an influencer shares content.

Using his token $HOTAK, Farhan is able to raise money for some necessary equipment like a new smartphone, powerbanks, camera, or microphone. This way he will be able to create higher quality content and cover his expenses while he travels through Afghanistan. The community that is building around his token is driving the price and volume of his token, giving him assurance and capital that is required to follow his goals. Another interesting aspect is that he will be giving away some of his tokens to locals, to teach them how to use crypto and help them financially.

Farhan Hotak is currently on the border of Pakistan preparing for his next trip, where he will be showing the lives of Afghani refugees in the refugee camps. Next, he is going to travel through different parts of Afghanistan to show the situation and talk with people to show the world the beauty and potential of Afghanistan, and social tokens will be an important part of this journey.

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