5 steps to start making money on Sapiency

If you are a creator who wants to grow and share unique content with the world that can be monetized without having a huge reach — we have a solution for you.

Sapiency App allows you to issue your own personal token, build an instant community, and earn money through posting unique content.

  1. Download Sapiency App from the store and create an account:

a. iOS

b. Android

2. Apply for an influencer account in the app. Once it is confirmed, your personal tokens will be issued (you will receive an email once they are ready) — we issue 21 million tokens, of which we take 1% to the reserve. The remaining 20 790 000 tokens are yours!


There are no “Followers” on Sapiency, there are only “Holders” of your tokens. The more people have your tokens, the bigger is your audience.

3. Build an instant community on Sapiency — create an Airdrop — give away some of your tokens for free to build an audience. You can use 3 types of Airdrops:

Airdrop (Claim) in Sapiency App
  • Claim — pool will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. The amount of tokens to deliver can be flat or randomised
  • Lottery — at the draw date of an airdrop, winners will be randomly chosen
  • Split — at the draw date of an airdrop, the whole pool will be split amongst all the participants equally. The final amount of tokens per person, remain unknown until the end of the draw date

4. Start earning money — create a Crowdsale and sell your tokens.

Crowdsale in Sapiency App

a. Set the amount you want to collect.

b. How many tokens you want to be sold.

c. Add some nice photo, and you are good to go.

5. Build Value — everytime you publish, set a Token Threshold — this way each of your post builds a demand for your tokens.
Token threshold — is the content availability threshold for a certain number of tokens, e.g. you publish a video with Token Threshold 100 XYZ. It means that everyone who has at least 100 XYZ tokens, can watch it. If they have less than 100 XYZ, they need to buy it from you or from the market.

Tips & Tricks:

  • It is important to distribute tokens to a wide audience while minimizing the number of tokens. It is better for you if 300 users have 20 of your tokens each than if 30 users have 200 tokens each. Remember — your personal token is issued to you for life! But what you do with it is your decision.
  • If you’re one of the lucky ones, and you don’t need the money, you can always raise money for the charity you want to help.
  • Use your other social media and let the world know you have an account with Sapiency! and let them know that all or part of your content will only be available through our app.

Share your passion and knowledge with the world. Not all of these things have to be shared for free, after all, you want to make money. You know that people who follow you expect your opinion on a given topic, are you a specialist in your field? Do you want to provide your services, donate your time and knowledge to someone? Settle up with each other in tokens!

If you know your value and want to build your own economy — become a part of Sapiency. New era of social media is coming, grab your chance!

Human potential exchange — a combination of Patreon, OnlyFans and NASDAQ. Polygon-based launchpad for personal brands.